ISGSR 2019 | 12-13 December 2019

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Welcome to ISGSR 2019!

The objective of ISGSR 2019 is to provide a forum for reliability researchers, design code developers, and practitioners to discuss RBD implementation issues, be it in the semi-probabilistic format, direct probabilistic format, or a full risk informed format, in the context of design circumstances distinctive to geotechnical engineering, such as diversity of in-situ conditions, scarcity of information, importance of observational approach, fuzzy divide between design and construction, difficulty of standardization, and robustness/resilience. ISGSR 2019 also hopes to engage the broader community which would include rock engineers and engineering geologists. In addition, to broaden the application of geotechnical reliability/risk to the geotechnical engineering community at large, it is also necessary to expedite the development of user-friendly softwares, compilation of databases and statistics, publication of case histories, among others. The theme of ISGSR 2019 is State-of-the-Practice in Geotechnical Safety and Risk to take stock of our state-of-practice, identify critical gaps impeding broader applications to practice, and discussing strategies to hasten the translation of theories to practice.

Important Dates

End of online early-bird registration: Aug 31, 2019
End of online registration: Nov 30, 2019
Conference: Dec 11-13, 2019
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