Sessions/Mini-symposiums for ISGSR 2019

Sessions/Mini-symposiums of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • (IS1) Advances in geotechnical reliability-based design
  • (IS2) Bayesian method for processing geotechnical data
  • (IS3) Bayesian updating: Formalizing the observational method
  • (IS4) Dams, levees and flood risk
  • (IS5) Effect of spatial variability on seismic performance of soil and rock and associated reliability
  • (IS6) Engineering risk sensing by monitoring and inspection
  • (IS7) Inverse analysis in geotechnical engineering
  • (IS8) Landslide risk assessment and management
  • (IS9) Modelling spatial variability in geotechnical engineering
  • (IS10) Numerical techniques for integrating the spatial variability of soil and groundwater parameters into designing and environmental management
  • (IS11) Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and engineering seismology
  • (IS12) Probabilistic site characterization
  • (IS13) Risk assessment of rainfall-induced geo-hazards
  • (IS14) Robust geotechnical design in the face of uncertainty
  • (IS15) Statistics for soil & rock properties and applications
  • (IS16) Uncertainty & reliability analysis in rock engineering
  • (MS1) Mini-symposium on performance-based design codes and practice honoring Prof. Yusuke Honjo
  • (MS2) Machine Learning for Big Data: Algorithms and Applications
  • (Special event) Special session in honoring of late Professor T.H. Wu
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